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Latest Features and Updates - Oct 2023

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This past quarter, we have been very busy delivering some new features that we know are going to help our customers get more from their Logiqc platform.


Display of schedule ‘series’

In the Management registers (Audit, Compliance, Maintenance, Training and Licensing), when you schedule a task, each recurring item automatically becomes part of a series. Up until now, it hasn’t always been easy to figure out which tasks are part of a series and which ones of them have already been done. That has now changed.

A new tab, called “Series”, has been added when you open an item in any of the Management registers. This tab displays current and past tasks in the series generated by the schedule. It also displays the task status so you can see what has been done and what is still outstanding. 


We’ve also added a new column to all the Management registers called Series which shows you when the task was originally scheduled to be completed. This can help reduce confusion for users who are not sure which task in the series they are working on. The Series column can be displayed using the “Edit Columns” button. Note: The series will only be displayed for new tasks created in the registers after the release of this feature. 

Working with scheduled tasks can be complicated at times but, with these new features and many more in the pipeline, we hope that it’s just become a little bit easier!


Information requests

Information requests is an optional feature you can configure to extend the use of the Feedback register. It will allow you to record and manage requests for information made by external stakeholders such as consumers or government agencies, such as:

  • FOI requests
  • Police, Court or Centrelink related requests
  • Requests relating to Child Protection  

The feature includes a new “Information requests” component in the Feedback details form and a new tab on the Feedback register to display all requests in a single list.

Information requests allows you to clearly list one or more requests and display whether they have been responded to, to reduce the risk of not responding to formal and critical requests for information. See this article for more information. 


New standards for the Accreditation register

To help even more organisations manage compliance, the Logiqc Accreditation register has been updated to support three new standards:

  • National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards 2021
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) 5 Feb 2023
  • ISO 14001:2016 Environmental management systems — Requirements with guidance for use               

This means you can now organise your evidence and build reports showing the documentation, processes, controls, and actions you have in place to comply with the stated requirements. 


New risk matrix options

Two new risk matrix designs have been added to the Logiqc platform increasing the total number of available matrix options to 12. A risk matrix is a matrix that is used during risk assessment to define the level of risk by considering the category of probability or likelihood against the category of consequence severity. This is a simple mechanism to increase the visibility of risks and assist management decision-making. 

See this article for all free and paid available options.


That’s it for the main features of this past quarter. If you want to learn more about our latest feature, make sure you get onto our knowledge base. And if you would like to see what Logiqc can do for your organisation or learn more about how to implement some of our latest features, get in touch!


Manage safety, quality and risk in healthcare

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Manage safety, quality and risk in healthcare

This is an example paragraph where you can talk about whatever you want. This is an example paragraph where you can talk.

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