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Ensure adverse events are reported and managed in accordance with operational policy.

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Online Reporting of Incidents, Near Misses, and Hazards

We understand incidents can happen anywhere and at any time which is why LogiqcQMS enables you to report from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile) and any location. This means staff can report incidents as they happen, no matter where they are.

Manage Privacy, Delegate and Track Actions to Respond to Incidents

A critical part of managing incidents is to ensure those who need to know are informed in a way that does not compromise privacy and confidentiality. Our built-in business rules ensure the right people are notified, built-in workflows guide and track what needs to be done, and assigned permission levels ensure only those with authorised access can view incident reports.

Maintain comprehensive records

Maintaining all documentation relating to an adverse event is not only required by legislation but is essential to good management practices. With LogiqcQMS, there is no limit to the number and type of records that can be attached to an incident report and access to these records can be restricted to authorised personnel.

Support a learning culture

Every adverse event has the potential to provide a learning opportunity. To support a learning culture, the platform’s analytics includes trend reporting which can provide insights into where improvements could make the greatest difference so that you can avoid the same or similar event occurring again in the future.

Single entry-point, single user experience

LogiqcQMS integrates with VHIMS

We have worked with community and government stakeholders to build an API (Application Programming Interface) to automatically transfer “in-scope” incidents reported in the LogiqcQMS Incidents Register to the VHIMS database. For organisations using LogiqcQMS, this means they will be able to link their incident management system to the VHIMS online platform and use it as an alternative to the Victorian Government’s ‘Central Solution’ web reporting portal to provide a single point of entry and a single user experience for staff reporting incidents.

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More than Software

Additional Features

Thanks to years of experience in the industry, the team at Logiqc have developed a suite of additional features and services to support you every step of the way.

Business Rules

Business Rules Builder allows users to configure their LogiqcQMS according to the organisation’s business rules and ensures reported events (e.g. Incidents, Feedback, Improvements or Repairs) are assigned to the right person, every time. The purpose is to keep the right people informed while building accountability into the organisational structure.

Response protocols

Good automation not only saves time but also removes the risk of human error. Our Response protocols feature provides clear instruction for management by automating what action is to be taken to manage the event and in what sequence as well as what timelines each action is to be completed in.

Customer Support

Between our Customer Support team, our knowledge base, and our learning centre, with the Logiqc team by your side, you will always get the support you need.

Safety Dashboard

Always Keep an Eye on Safety

Whether working on-site or in the field, employees need an easy way of reporting issues and managers need easy access to good business analytics to oversight the safety of the environment and culture of the workplace. The Safety Dashboard tracks incidents, hazards and near misses and provides metrics on timeliness and related learnings.

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More than 200 organisations trust LogiqcQMS to support their accreditation journey.

Bonnie Buchan

I love it when someone puts an incident up because it won’t get lost until it’s dealt with. It’s a protection for the business financially too.

Kim Passante Carbal Medical Services

Kim Passante

We added the Risk module about a year ago and review these on a regular basis to decide if any changes are needed. All our incidents then go into LogiqcQMS

CEO Auckland Eye

Deb Boyd

LogiqcQMS definitely helps us to better manage our incidents and feedback. It gives us greater oversight into what is really happening within the business.