With you all the way

The good humans at Logiqc are experienced professionals with backgrounds in quality, risk management and accreditation. We don’t just sell you software and leave you to pick up the pieces later - we support you through a customer journey designed to help you implement your quality management system.

Start by building a shared vision

Building a shared vision across your team for why you’re implementing a QMS pays huge dividends downstream as people start to use the system. So we start by working with you to understand what your central objectives are for implementing a QMS. For example, if your vision is to implement the QMS to manage the NDIS Practice Standards then we can work with you to identify which registers you need to meet these standards.

When you sign up for the LOGIQC QMS, we invite your transformation team to join a free online Customer Portal comprising resources and an interactive project plan. Our resources will help you to document a clear to document a clear scope for each register in your QMS – what it’s for and what it's not. This becomes a great basis for communication to staff to keep everybody on the same page.
Customer portal

Support to configure and build your system

The next step is to start building your system by creating users, populating your document library and scheduling key tasks. A product specialist will guide you through all these steps via a series of online sessions. We can also help by providing a ‘builder’ to act as your third hand.

For example, if you're building your QMS to manage accreditation then we can provide you with information to help you populate each register with the evidence required to comply to the standard's requirements. Information relating to more than 30 different standards is now available to load into your LogiqcQMS and the resources we provide are based on published evidence guides.

QMS Build

Watch your business transform

This is when change starts to happen. Processes that used to be managed by multiple systems are now managed through a single platform. Tasks are delegated through the system with clear lines of responsibility and accountability. Dashboard reporting enables real-time monitoring of the status of critical tasks.

The LogiqcQMS is designed help managers manage. It can support you and other managers to delegate, communicate, and coordinate tasks leaving more time to analyse and evaluate performance.

Once your system is managing all mandatory tasks required by legislation, contracts, and standards, your management team can give more time over to how to improve systems, processes and service delivery outcomes.
Learning Centre

Sustain the change

Once embedded, your QMS will underpin your daily operations and contribute to strengthened and sustainable governance systems across your organisation. This is where the analytics in your dashboard will help you monitor critical events and identify emerging issues through trend reporting.

Dashboards will display system ‘health’ data allowing you to take the ‘temperature’ of the quality culture in your organisation.
QMS Health Check

Create a culture

In the end, a QMS should drive improvement, not just better compliance. And creating a learning organisation is at the core of achieving this. If sustainable growth and effective governance is an objective for your organisation, continual improvement is likely to be a key ingredient.

The system is designed to help strengthen your organisation's 'reporting culture' by making it easy for staff to report adverse events and suggest improvements from any device, anywhere, anytime.

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